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About  the ABC Balloon Book

How long did it take to make the book?
From start to finish it took four years, almost to the date, to create.

How many balloons were used in book?
That’s a very difficult question as in some of the images there were thousands of balloons used. I didn’t count the number as I went along but I can tell you there are tens of thousands of balloons that were used to make up the entire book.

What was the largest animal created?
It’d be a tie between the giraffe and the elephant. The giraffe stood over 6ft tall while the elephant’s head and ears were probably 6ft to 7ft wide in total.

What is your goal with the book?
My hope is that the book is used as a tool to help children learn the alphabet. I designed each page to be vibrant, colorful and full of life so that right from the beginning I’ve captured their attention.

What inspired you to create the book?
I wanted to combine my years of experience as a balloon artist and graphic designer to develop something different. I decided why not create something that can help children and serve as a tool for parents and teachers. It really was a hobby at first that I just enjoyed doing in my spare time.

How is this book different than any other alphabet book currently available?
What’s different about this book is that everything on the page is a balloon, and we all know kids love balloons, so you’ll have already grabbed their attention by default. Secondly, it’s not just an alphabet book, it’s art. The book is really something for both children and adults to enjoy together. I’ve seen parents enjoy flipping through the pages just a much as their children, if not more.

What is The Balloon Workshop?
The Balloon Workshop is just that, a workshop where I develop my balloon creations. I have everything from balloon pumps, rigging devices, inflators and thousands of balloons sorted by size and color. The company is dedicated to creating educational materials, books and other products for children, all made out of balloons.


Steven Mayhew, CBA

Balloon Illustrator & Author

About  the Illustrator

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised in Mesa, Arizona, Steven was introduced to balloons through his first job as a children’s entertainer for parties. Moving to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s, he opened and ran his own balloon decorating company before transitioning to the corporate world of the balloon industry. Later Steven earned his CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) and began teaching the art of balloon decor at seminars and conventions around the world.

Combining his many years of experience in balloons and graphic design, Steven developed this new medium where the art of storytelling and balloons come together.

He now dedicates his time to bringing new products and educational materials to life through the fun and colorful world of balloons.


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