School Visits

In Steven’s presentations, he brings reading to life through the fun and colorful world of balloons!  Topics are based off the innovative and groundbreaking balloon art Steven’s developed in his ABC Balloon Book, where everything on the page is a balloon; a first of it’s kind where the art of storytelling and balloons come together!

Reading with Balloons! – Learning the Alphabet & Reading Fundamentals

Classroom Education:

1 hour/ half-day, full-day
Audience: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grade 1 students
• Learn the history of balloons and how they are made.
• Participate in an interactive group read-along.
• Watch the exciting video of “The Making of the ABC Balloon Book”.
• See one of the balloon animals from the book, live.
• Have a chance to make a balloon animal yourself.
• Work on activity guides focused on reading fundamentals based off the animals in the book.
• An inspirational talk about finding what you love and pursing your dreams.

Educating through the ABC Balloon Book:

1 hour
Audience: Teachers, Administrators
• Learn the history of balloons and how they are made.
• Demonstrations on how to engage the class through a group read-a-long.
• Watch the exciting video of the making of the book (DVD included to use in classroom settings).
• Learn how to make a balloon animal to teach to the class.
• An introduction to the activity guides based off the book, designed to promote reading fundamentals for teachers to utilize in class.

School/ Administrator Receives:
• 1 Copy of the ABC Balloon Book (additional copies available for purchase)
• 3 Activity Guides Pages (full black and white activity guidebook available for purchase)
• DVD of “The Making of the ABC Balloon Book”
• 2 Balloon Columns for the presentation
• 100 entertainer balloons for the hands-on, balloon making portion
• 2 hand pumps to inflate balloons (additional pumps available for purchase)

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